I've created a handy little page full of referrals to companies and services I adore. I will never recommend something I don't personally use.

Passion Planner
My current planner of choice. They sell a range of weekly and daily planners along with stickers and pens!
BETHANYROSE1 will get you 10% off everything on the website. 
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The Adventure Book
The most beautiful travel journal I have ever seen, it list every country, there's beautiful prompts, I honestly love it, and it's my 2022 aim to get it all up to date!
Start your adventure now!

My favourite site ever, cashback on the majority of your online sales. 
If you are spending the money anyway, you might as well get a little extra back, I normally get £100-£200 a year from them! It works with Etsy too! 

Get money back from your shopping.

Plum is THE best saving app I have ever come across, it takes money from your account, looking at spending habits to determine what you can actually afford. I can honestly say I never notice what the take, and at the end of last year I was very happy with what I had accrued in there!
Start saving that money!

The Conqueror Challenge.
I do these running (walking for me!) challenges and I buy them as gifts.
You get a lovely medal at the end, it helps with goals. There's a range of distances from 13 miles to over 2000!
The link will get you 10% off!

Start getting your steps in now!

A fantastic online banking system by JP Morgan. They do offers all the the time, at present I get 1% flashback on all my spending for a year, as well as a great interest rate, and some fab round up options!
Here's one for the grown ups! Last year I decided to start a pension, I'm self employed it's something I'd not really thought about but knew I needed to do. 
After a lot of resource, Penfold became my chosen company, you can easily see what you've saved, you get 25% extra top up from the government. I like it, I would definitely advise you to do your own research on pension but...
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