Uh oh, so you want to know more?

Where to start! 

Hi, I'm Beth, I live in West Yorkshire with my three adorable kids and four naughty rabbits. 

I started Dook Plook Designs in 2015 and I am truly humbled by how much it has grown in these last years. I cannot thank you all enough for supporting my dream of being self employed.

In 2017, I realised I need to create on a more physical level again, so I started painting fairy doors again, it started as a hobby but soon grew into another Etsy shop - no ones needs 50 fairy doors in their living room. No matter how pretty! 

In 2018 a lot happened, I realised I wanted my own sticker character, so the Zombabe was born. I then came to the conclusion that it wasn't particularly business minded to have everything so separate. So I created Being Bethany Rose, the umbrella under which my three companies would sit, and could also slyly use it to promote my blog too! Winning all round! 

Its been a labour of love - I'm not particularly tech minded, but I'm proud of how its all coming together. Hopefully by 2019 the dust will have settled and I will have created something I am truly proud of.

Once again, thank you, for visiting the site, liking and commenting on post, and making orders. I could not do this with out you and I am so grateful.