Penny challenge - year Bullet Journal Style Tracker sticker (DPD011)

  • £6.00


I have completely fallen down the bullet journal rabbit hole. I love creating spreads especially trackers, but hate that you can only use them once and that some people don't have the time to create pieces like this, so I decide to create a totally hand drawn range, so any one can have the bullet journal experience.

This trackers is for the penny challenge, save an extra penny a day. 1p on the first up to £3.65 and the last. 

Top tip: as you can see on mine I save it in a random orders that why you aren’t hit with an expensive December, always do the most expensive one you can afford first! 

The stickers are intentionally slightly bigger than A5  I’ve done this so you can trim the edges (a couple of leaves) to give you an overall more hand drawn look  ie the image will be flush to the edge of your paper  


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