Starter Functional Sticker Kit (Can change colour)

  • £22.00

These are my go to sticker sheets, the things I use day in a day out.

Bundle includes 597 stickers!!

Info to supply when placing your order:

Colour schemes (Choose one or two  colours, or blues, pinks, purples, etc, and I'll do a mix of shades. 

Wording for header sheets. Choose up to 2 words.

Header on Weekly Trackers

Up to two initials.



Two header sheets: 56 stickers per sheet. (please leave a note to seller with the words you want, choose two, or have both sheets the same)

Star Headers. Fit the width of the EC Vertical box and between the lines in the hourly. 56 stickers

Ombre Half boxes: 18

Weekly Trackers: Can choose your word, I chose to track dinners, but you could dp steps, mood, gym, work, anything! 8 stickers

1,2,3 stickers: 12 stickers.

Initial stickers (2 sheets) : Any 2 initials, numbers or symbols, just leave me a note! 72 stickers per sheet.

Check boxes: 110 stickers

Boxes: 20 stickers

Ovals: 24 stickers

Asterisks: 81 stickers

To do boxes: 12 stickers