Self love mystery envelopes.

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After the year I’ve had – I’m quite big on learning to love yourself more, which is why this year, instead of the standard Valentines Day stickers, I’ve done a set on self love.

The main sheets will be sold separately but I am also doing an envelope of self love, which is listed as a mystery pack – however if you are here, chances are you’ve clicked the link because you don’t like surprises!

So, what do you get?

Firstly theres two girls to choose from our curly girl or a our bun girl.

The main sheet. I love this as a simple reminder of all the wonderful things you are, I love the positioning of the body, that you can’t tell, what body type it is – because it doesn’t matter, whatever you look like you are worthy and you are enough.

There’s also a blank sticker for you to write your own words in. I hope people will find it therapeutic, I know I did writing on the sticker.
I feel the photo does not do this next item justice. Super Glossy die cuts. Move this girl around as a constant visual reminder.
They say it takes 31 days to form a new habit. So lets try to make loving ourselves our new habit.

And loving yourself can come in so many forms, maybe you want to carve out 15 minutes a day to mediate? Or read a book? A long bath. Treating yourself to a hot chocolate. Looking at yourself in the mirror and speaking to yourself as you’d speak to a friend. Just make sure for the next 31 days, you do something positive for you and just for you each day.

Glitter and a positive quote. What else could you ever need? But seriously I think we are all guilty of forgetting these things.
A (random) selection of 4 of our 16 wanderlust quotes. It’s kind of a personal input to the self care envelopes as getting outside is definitely how I take care of myself. There’s something about being out in the countryside that always makes me feel better.
Last but certainly not least is a small sheet of “imperfect” hearts.

Made from leftover bits of foil, that I would normally have thrown away, and a good visual reminder that, broken things, that you may think are useless, can actually be made into something beautiful.

Do these are our self love envelopes. Click here to buy yours.

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