Summer Holidays

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Arrrrghhhh. July 19th officially my favourite day of the year - school is out for summer! I am so excited, I adore the school holidays. 

I'm panicking slightly about how to juggle orders, new work, magazine deadlines, keeping on top of the house, blogging, eating low carb and of course making memories with the grotbags.

However I am so excited, it's going to be the best summer ever. I say that every year, and it always is.

Its been a slowish start, (she says on day 2) Lincoln had two birthday parties yesterday, which he adored, and he got the most adorable personalised biscuit in one of his party bags. I am definitely stealing that idea for a future party!

Today, we have the church fun day, Lincoln has another party, Aurora has a party, and I have been up since 6, because theres so much work I need to get through before we go on our first proper adventure of the holidays to London! 

I am determined to blog more over summer, well in general really, I have completely found my planner peace and I am so eager to share that with you! I feel like all the weight has been lifted in that area of my life, and we have some fantastic new products coming up! I can't tell you too much about that now though, it's a secret! 

Infact when I think about it there is a lot of super exciting new things happening to Being Bethany Rose. Have you seen our new monthly note pages? I asked you to take a huge leap of faith with me, and purchase an item I hadn't even designed yet! I am overwhelmed and humbled by the response! I'll be updating the pictures, as I complete them! 

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