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I've found it. I kid you not, that elusive thing we are all searching for, I found it. Planner peace. "How?" I hear you cry, well let me tell you it's be a looooong drawn out journey. 

A journey which started and finished with the same planner. The Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner. It has taken me nearly four years, I've had the EC hourly and Horizontal, a couple of Happy Planners, I've been in rings and strings, B6's and A5's, I've bullet journaled as if my life depended on it and even had a brief fling with a Hobonichi, even though I knew it was too small for my needs. (#bandwagon)

Then June came round and every where I turned people were talking about the 2020 planners coming out, I got caught up in the hype and on release day found myself on the Erin Condren website lusting after a vertical in neutral.

erin concern neutral planner
I have used the vertical at some point during each of my planning years, and as I patiently stalked the tracking page watching my planner go on its little round the world trip (Texas, New York, Germany then UK) I started thinking about why Ive always given up on this planner. 

It didn't take me long to realise, I give up because I always get overwhelmed. I see so many beautiful planners and want to have spreads like that, I want to be colour coordinated and have full boxes of pictures and minimal neat to do lists. However and it's a big however, THIS IS NOT ME. It's why it never works because I'm trying to hard to be like every one else instead of developing my own style. 

I need lists, I run a business, I have three very social, active kids, I can be a little bit social when the mood takes me, and there is a house to run. I need lists, big lists. I don't have three things to do a day. So my first realisation was, I can't do cute little to do lists with only a couple of things on them. Its not going to work, no matter how pretty they look on Instagram. 

My next issue was I love looking at pretty pastels and girly spreads, glitter headers and rose gold, and while I love looking it at, it's not me. Me is black and white and grey if I'm really pushing the boat out. Occasional pops of colour and bold outlines. So I decided I'd plan in black and white for a while (I did say the whole planner but that didn't last long!) 

Stickers. Ahhh stickers. I love stickers. As you can imagine there a 1000's kicking around my house, but they are overwhelming at points. So lets cut back. (Arrrghhh can you believe a person who soley relies on people buying stickers to put a roof over her kids head is telling you to cut back!?!) 
So that was my plan, no colour, minimal stickers, rediscover my mojo. 

I did black and white, it was great, freeing, I did stickers but with a difference, One week I decorated the entire spread with sloths and then just wrote lists in between. I created a washi style check box sticker which saw my through a another couple of weeks. During our holiday around Europe, I didn't use any stickers. Just my trusty black pen. 

While my planner was working for me, I noticed a few things. The two biggies were, we didn't do a lot of on the weekends, well not a lot that needs to be written down any way. I struggled to fill those last two columns. The other big thing was I had a lot of to do that didn't need to go on a particular day, they just needed to happen during the week. It was at that moment I had my eureka moment and go to work creating a new (colourful) sticker kit. 

Four weeks in I am still totally in love. I've converted my planner so that the Saturday column is now the weekend, and Sundays' is a long to do list. 

Oh my days. It works, no more scanning the days to see if I "missed" something I need to do. No more Sunday nights debating on which day to put certain tasks, no more filling a day with to dos, only to realises I actually have day specific tasks that should be there instead. No more trying to co-ordinate colours and themes. It's all here!I am in heaven. I am productive, but mostly I am not buying another planner til this one is done! 

To see our ever growing range of the convert your spread stickers kits click here
If you purchase one, let me know if it works as well for you as it does me! 

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