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I legitimately feel like I’m applying for a job right now, which as I’ve been self employed since 2014, is really scary and quite daunting.

The Basics

I’m Beth, or Bethany Rose as you may have gathered from all the branding.

I currently reside (I say that like I have the intention of moving – I don’t) in a beautiful Victorian house in West Yorkshire.

I live here with my three, for the most part, delightful children, Aurora, Lincoln and Delta, and partner Anthony. Oh, and four feral rabbits, who have completely decimated my garden, but for some reason I still love.

Bethany Rose

I may try and get a picture of the rabbits in summer when they chill out a bit more. However, I have completely given up hope of getting a photo of the five of us together.Where everyone is looking and each of us smiling, it requires some sorcery I just simply don’t have.

Why did I start a blog?

It’s alway been a dream to write a book. Since been sat in a school classroom as a ten year old, writing about gruesome murders, that were probably way too old for me to be writing (cheers Mum, for letting me watch horror films since forever) I knew its what I wanted to do. Life gets in the way though, I hardly write anything anymore, let alone a book. I need to start and seen as I spend most of my spare time working on the website it only seems right to incorporate a blog on here!

I’ve been making planner stickers for 4 years now (if you don’t know what the deal is about planner stickers, search #planneraddicts on Instagram and prepare to fall down a deep black hole of awesomeness, your life will never be the same). I also make some beautiful hand paint fairy doors, and some fun (adult) bags!

Being Bethany Rose products

So what is the blog about?

I’ve cheated a bit here, my brand is Being Bethany Rose, because every thing in it, is what makes me, well me. The same will go for this blog, not all posts will be for everyone, but every post will be about something I’m passionate about. Whether that’s, kids, travel, food (so much food) stationery, work, the word. It will be eclectic, it will jump in huge leaps from one subject to another, just like my mind does, but it will be truthful, it will be from the heart and it will be written with love.

I hope you’ll take some thing from the blog, whether it’s a day out you go on, a recipe you try, a sense of women power, of the knowledge parenting is an absolute rollercoaster. I hope some of you will find a new found love of planners, or maybe reignite you lost mojo.



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